Does thought have mass?

This, I think is worth some thought.

If thought does not have mass, why not and if it is made purely out of electricity can we still store it and collect it? if it isnt made out of electricial signals then what is it made up of  and does this have charge?  For instance, can we loose our thought or be able to grab others thoughts through signals? Surely this must be possible.

If thought was electric would it be easier to loose or gain than if it was mass?

Let me know your foundings thought and ideas.


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Introduction; Greetings to all

‘A post about posts; who would have ever known it?’

I thought that a post about me and my blog was essential in order to give you an idea on what I will be posting about and what to expect.

Hello! My name is Anne.

These blogs are purely made for communication of thought, ideas and resource purposes.

The general theme of my blogs will be questions I might have asked myself, things I found amusing and those I thought  was worth sharing. They will include both my own interpretations and information from other sources, so do not be fooled by my own biased mind. You are free to critise all data as you wish. Some blogs may be very short others lengthy. I cannot quarantee I will post frequently or with pattern however I will try my best to make your stay as pleasurable as possible.

If you spot any mistakes on any of my posts and/or have any advice please let me know on the comment section and will do my best to try and fix all errors.

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